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Total Solution Provider - Heavy electric machinery, wires, materials, EPC

50 years of history - Company that shapes the future with sustainable growth

Top. 3 of the domestic market share - Specialized heavy electric machinery maker

Constant challenges and technological innovation - R&D using 10% of sales

Products used in over 80 countries of the world - 80countries in the world

place of business (domestic & overseas) - Creating the best quality and services

能動人 - Nurturing talented individuals with enterprising spirit and creative thinking

Products - ILJIN Electric is the driving force of Korea, reaching out to the world


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Based on the best service and permanent development of research, we will play a role of central nerves of world connection.

The Material Business Division adopted the new facilities of SOUTHWIRE, U.S, in 1988 and produces superior mechanical and electrical copper rods, using only the "GRADE A" copper registered at the LME.


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We originally introduced SCR business division to provide stable supply of raw materials for power and communication cable as well as to create a synergy effect. However, after endless R&D and quality improvement efforts, we are now showing significant growth in domestic Copper Rod market. In the field of Aluminum business, utilizing SCR’s original and manufacturing technology.


From dissolving electrolytic copper “GRADE A”, this product’s purity is more than 99.99% and this is also called as 8mm Copper Wire Rod.

Aluminium ROD

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Iljin produces high-purity and high-quality Al rods based on a mixture of its rod manufacturing experience and the Properzi technology with five decades' tradition.


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Based on the technology of Properzi, which has developed Rod manufacturing technologies for the past five decades, Iljin ACR is an aluminum rod with superior mechanical and electrical features, produced using only high-purity and high-quality aluminum ingot.


By dissolving high purity and high quality Aluminum Ingot, we produce 9.55mm Aluminum Rod.


※ Iljin tries to produce top quality materials by separately managing features/ingredients depending on the customer’s application environments.